Icelandic artist Egill Sæbjörnsson hired me to develop his idea. A self-generating piece where real ‘sticks’ interact with video balls.

The stick movements were self-generated by the machine and the projected images of balls detected collisions and then bounced with ‘real’ physics. I developed the technology behind the pieces over 3 months at Egill’s studio in Berlin. As well as programming the motors I also created the visuals with Björn Halldór Helgason creating the soundscape for the pieces. The pieces are currently being exhibited for 2 months at HopStreet Gallery in Brussels ending 04 May 2013 they will also be shown at ArtBrussels 18-21st April 2013. I developed a prototype for the idea using Isadora for the brain of the piece with Processing handling the physics. However, after much thought I settled on using Max to realise Egill’s ideas with its built in jit.phys objects and fast workflow I could manage the whole project within one software. The sticks were controlled by stepper motors which were controlled via an arduino. If anyone is particularly interested in how this was done get in touch.

This large 160cm x 160cm piece has now been sold to a private collector.